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EZsellcar.my is a one stop online selling platform for car owners in Malaysia. We provide you with a free online car valuation and offer you with the quote instantly. Our mission is to provide the finest services to every car owner to sell car with ease of convenience. Furthermore, we are the first to offer realistic car model in our valuation database which means your car model could be identified precisely as we have strong fundamental in car industry.

At EZsellcar.my, we provide one stop solution for car selling process to our customers. In fact, we buy all range of cars provided that they are in running condition, from small family car to commercial vehicles, or from private cars to company cars. We buy directly from company who intends to dispose off the fleet of vehicles. Just give us a direct call at 03-6150 6222, 010-508 8822, 013-987 8822, 013-963 8822, we buy your car regardless Sedans, MPVs, SUVs, pick-ups, wagons, double cabs or even VANs.

At EZsellcar.my, we offer you with a quicker, easier and safer way to sell your car. We have more than 20 years experience in car trading industry. We are able to offer an up-to-date car valuations in the market and provide the REALISTIC price of what your car’s worth. We will offer you the best deal around and our professional team definitely can assist you with our top and comprehensive services.

Its OBLIGATION FREE! Even though you are not making use our service, we are still very happy to assist you in getting any good information and consultations.